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    (Previous stage name SHIN / Shinnosuke in videos)

  • What's SHINRYU like?

    "1,000 guests today? That sounds great. Only 1 guest today? Let's make it the best ever."

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    Performing artist

    Passion & Calmness

    His art and expression are fulfilled with passion and calmness. Serious scene? Funny scene? It does not matter. What he does is just to try fulfilling the guests.

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    Traditional & Modern

    SHINRYU had been acting mainly in Japanese traditional drama called "Jidaigeki". He does act in modern drama and comedy as well (he actually likes those). One more thing, he can sing well.

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    Theatre director

    Art & Entertainment

    His stage is artistic and entertaining, unforgettable unique directing. He shows us the connections between the factors seemingly unrelated, and it is pleasant. Who knows that? He knows that.

  • The Best Performance & The Best Director's Award

    "The high-level theatre competition held by the Japanese consulate general in St.Petersburg in 2012"

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    SHINRYU and his own performance company called TEAM SAMURAI participated the high-level theatre competition held by the Japanese consulate general in St.Petersburg, Russia in 2012 with a traditional based performance as a part of Japan-Russia cultural exchange, and awarded as the best performance and the best director.

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    Japanese Tradition

    The performances were constructed with Japanese traditional performances, such as Japanese dance, mask-dance, sword fighting & sword dance and traditional style acting. Nearly 1,500 local guests enjoyed their performances in two days.

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    Japanese Consulate general

    SHINRYU and his team with the consul general of the Japanese consulate general Mr. Ichiro Kawabata and his wife and the vice president of the Russia - Japan Friendship Society, Ms. Valentina Kalinina who was conferred the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays by the government of Japan in the contribution to the relationship between the countries.

  • Director's Selection

    Selected by SHINRYU

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    Rotterdam 2013

    Samurai performance in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2013

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    Samurai Chaplin 2014

    Japanese Samurai ✖️ Chaplin

    KENBUTODO ―剣舞闘道―

    SHINRYU's original style sword performance (Ryuha)

  • Abunai! convention Japone performance 2017

    The biggest Japanese animation festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

    Japone company

    Internationally well known Japanese artists

    Abunai! convention is the biggest Japanese animation festival in Netherlands. SHINRYU joined Japone company, which consists of internationally well known Japanese artists as a general director and a performer at the main stage.

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    Samurai Geisha Illusion

    Everything returns to nature

    Japone's show was divided by three stages, which were authentic Japan stage, destruction and fight stage and return to nature stage. All stages are linked by the fox, which is the symbol of the show, the god, mononoke, man and woman, mirror of the heart, samurai spirit, love of friend and, nature. In other words, the existence itself.

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    ​"Made in Japan and the world"


    - SHINRYU is a Japanese artist (performing artist, an actor, a singer-songwriter & a music producer, and a theatre director & producer).


    He has experienced more than 1,000 stages since his debut including small theatres, middle-size theatres, and big theatres mainly in Japan and Europe including France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Russia as a performing artist and an actor for about 10 years. SHINRYU also has more than 10 years of experience as a singer-songwriter and officially debuted as a singer in 2021 worldwide.


    In theatre performance, he performs and directs his arts and entertainments based on Japanese traditions with unique expressions and modern interpretations. He is one of the masters in an authentic sword fighting performance descended from the traditions of the New National Theatre ("Shinkokugeki"), Japanese dance descended from the traditions of the Kabuki theatre ("Bando-Ryu" & "Fujima-Ryu"), and traditional mask dance "Okame-Hyottoko". He also learned European-style performance techniques in France and Nederlands in 2013 and 2017.


    Created his own performance company called TEAM SAMURAI (2012 - 2015), won the prize for best performance and was presented with the individual award for best director at a high-level theatre competition held in Saint Petersburg, Russia organized with the cooperation of the Japanese consulate general (2012).


    Joined a world-scale project called "Merry Christmas" in 2021 and sang with stunning artists including Oscar-nominated actor Paul Raci and Grammy-nominated Electric Bassist Mark Corradetti.


    He launched his own company RICEball.inc to enhance his creativity, and set up RICEBALL Entertainment in 2022 for music producing. He released his first album in 2023 called "INNOCENCE".


    Originally came from Tokyo, and lived in the UK and Czech Republic for long years. Currently, living in Czech Republic.

  • Partnerships & Requests

    SHINRYU has been kindly waiting for your contact.

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    Angels are welcomed

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