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    "Merry Christmas"

    SHINRYU, featured by BJ Sam.

    (SHIN→SHINRYU, stage name changed in 2022)


    SHINRYU joined the project to connect the world in Christmas 2021 as Japan's representative.

    More than 20 stunning artists around the globe sang the song together in their mother tongue including Oscar-nominated actor Paul Raci and Grammy-nominated Electric Bassist Mark Corradetti.


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  • What's SHINRYU doing?

    Singer, Songwriter & Composer, and Music producer.


    Singing, singing, singing to the world...

    Songwriter & Composer

    Writing songs for more than 10 years...

    Music Producer

    Producing singers and artists...

  • Profile

    Who is SHINRYU?


    - A Japanese artist (performing artist, an actor, a theatre director, a singer-songwriter & a music producer, and a writer). His previous stage name was SHIN (Shinnosuke).

    He has experienced more than 1,000 stages since his debut including small theatres, middle size theatres, and big theatres mainly in Japan and Europe as a performing artist and an actor for about 10 years. SHINRYU also has more than 10 years of experience in songwriting and singing, and currently producing singers too. Currently, living in Hokkaido, a beautiful scenery surrounded by nature in Japan.

    In theatre performance, he performs and directs his arts and entertainments based on Japanese traditions with unique expressions and modern interpretations. He is one of the masters in an authentic sword fighting performance descended from the traditions of the New National Theatre ("Shinkokugeki"), Japanese dance descended from the traditions of the Kabuki theatre ("Bando-Ryu" & "Fujima-Ryu"), and traditional mask dance "Okame-Hyottoko". He also learned European-style performance techniques in France and Nederlands in 2013 and 2017.

    Regarding awards, his own performance company called TEAM SAMURAI (2012 - 2015) won the prize for best performance and was presented with the individual award for best director at a high-level theatre competition held in Saint Petersburg, Russia organized with the cooperation of the Japanese consulate general (2012). He joined a world-scale project called "Merry Christmas" in 2021 and sang with stunning artists including Oscar-nominated actor Paul Raci and Grammy-nominated Electric Bassist Mark Corradetti.

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